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Kabuki-inspired Asics sneakers

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By Katy Kelly, SoraNews24

Running is great. It’s cardio without the need for expensive gym equipment. The only problem with running is that bare human feet are tender and squishy, and don’t take kindly to hammering down at full speed on a hard racing track. Hooray for running shoes!

These limited-edition running shoes, produced by Japanese company Asics, are a cut above the rest at keeping your feet in peak pavement-pounding condition. The line is dedicated to the 2020 iteration of the annual Tokyo Marathon and includes three different styles of shoe. Each is painstakingly sculpted for a different kind of runner and oozes with traditional Japanese style, as the line takes inspiration from the kumadori makeup used in kabuki theater.

First, let’s take a look at the Gel Kayano 26 Tokyo.

▼ One pair costs 18,000 yen plus tax.


The Gel Kayano 26 Tokyo is a take on Asics’ classic Kayano style of running shoe, intended to help you “get more out of running”. Gel soles, a mid-sole crafted from their patented FlyteFoam technology, and hard protective foam on the inside of the shoe ensures a dynamic running experience while minimizing discomfort.

Next up is the Tarther Japan Tokyo:

▼ The priciest pair, costing 19,000 yen plus tax.


This pair is for serious runners, boasting Duosole for enhanced grip and flexibility. Breathable mesh guarantees peak comfort during your run, and the FlyteFoam Propel in the soles mean you’ll get an extra boost of spring in your start. Pricier than the other two shoes, but a great investment for serious runners — just like the Tokyo Marathon itself.

And finally, here’s the GlideRide Tokyo:

▼ This pair also costs 18,000 yen plus tax.


These shoes are specifically designed to conserve more energy on a long run, making them a perfect fit for marathon runners. The curved front sole guides your foot in an arc that limits your ankle movement, wasting less energy. The chunky sole also features a guidance line along it to aid when shifting your center of gravity.

Each set of shoes spotlights its bold color palette of red, white and black, with flecks of gold for a hint of added decadence. The swooping loops of red dividing the white summon up the image of a heroic character’s kabuki visage, and that image is only enhanced by the striking inner soles that combine to form one whole mask.


You won’t want to throw away the shoe box! They’re patterned after the painted pine tree panel that accompanies many kabuki and noh theater plays.


The shoes will be available to purchase at the Tokyo Marathon Expo 2020 Hall and various other shoe retailers, and can also be purchased online while stocks last.

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Source: Japaaan Magazine

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