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Keep your lipstick and pens in place with these cute hungry animals

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By Jen Santelices, grape Japan

Spend any amount of time shopping in Japan and you’ll discover that the country has a unique talent for coming up with all manner of knick-knacks you didn’t know you needed, and shops like Village Vanguard are perfect for when you want to be surrounded by novelty items galore.

Village Vanguard classifies itself as a bookstore but they also sell clothing, home accessories, and a variety of everyday items that look anything but. The shop is home to many novelty items that are a hodgepodge of the cute and unusual, and this month, they started selling a new addition to the “Harapeko Animal” series through their online store.


“Harapeko” is a cutesy way of saying “hungry” or “starving” in Japanese, and it’s easy to see why the series was named after that. The Harapeko Animal series is essentially different types of cute animal figures that have their mouths open as if hungry, and they serve as holders for whatever small items you might leave lying around your house.

The series currently already has animals to hold your paper clips and your pens, and they were designed to be placed on your desk. This time, however, the new Harapeko Animals come with a different style of legs, so that they can be used to hook on to the edges of boxes or containers.

The animals also come with a mouth that is 20mm in diameter—the perfect size for items like lipsticks, pens or inkan. They also come in three forms: a cat, a dog, and a rabbit, and based on how adorable they are, there’s really no reason not to entrust these little critters with keeping your pens and lipsticks safe for you.


This new batch and all the other items in the Harapeko Animal collection are available in Village Vanguard’s online store below.


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In the 2008 US Presidential elections there was some catchphrase about 'lipstick on a pig'. I didn't really 'get it' nor did I try to at the time. Now we have this!

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