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Pioneer has released four new models in its lineup of headphones -- the SE-MJ 541, SE-MJ 521, SE-MJ 511 and SE-MJ 511S. The headphones remove up to 90% of ambient noise. If you prefer not to listen with noise cancellation, simply turn the power switch to off and you can still enjoy your music. They also feature a "Monitor" button that mutes the music and turns off noise-cancellation so that you can hear the sounds around you.

The 120-gram headphones have a battery life of 120 hours. Set includes velour storage pouch and in-flight plug adapter.

Prices: SE-MJ 541 (6,200 yen), SE-MJ 521 (3,800 yen), SE-MJ 511 (2,500 yen) and SE-MJ 511S (2,500 yen).

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Just what I need when I go to Tokyo: noise cancellation. They may not make travelling on trains or shopping in big camera shops pleasurable, but at least they would make such places less unbearble.

1 ( +1 / -0 ) I think you guys meant the SE-NC21M, except they aren't earbuds, but they are 6200 yen.

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Nothing new, these kind of headphones are out for very long time, there are special ones for air travelers. if there is any new, it is the cheap price, I don't know their quality, though.

Many years ago, when the noise cancellation technology was new, I saw very a sophisticated one on the market in Akihabara. That came with a highly sophisticated noise reducing pad around the ear, that's a very important thing, and alternatively with small sized high quality earplugs. The main units was a 10X15X4 cm pocket size box, (with wire to the earplugs) with many option, on what kind of noise you wish to mute, intensity, frequency, direct or background noise etc. That was 34 000 yen.

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I used some a less expensive Sony model. The noise cancellation wasn't profound, but it did lower the drone of the engines and made it easier to listen to the movie I was watching.

If you are looking for noise cancelling earphones, I would suggest you consider an over the ear model with cups so the speakers don't rest directly on your ears. On a long flight, my ears started to get uncomfortable with the pressure of the speakers directly on my ears. I like Bose speakers (have a surround sound in the US and some earbuds), but the price for their headphones are steep.

Also, I don't know if there are any differences in noise cancellation from one product to another. The Sony model cancelled out some of the constant low frequency sounds of plane engines, but I don't know if other models would be preferable.

I would recommend getting a pair of headphones with a noise cancelling feature if you are flying a long distance. I just don't know which one would be best, performance and cost-wise.

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Anyone with access to some of the big retail shops can try out the effect of the noise canceling. I was about to buy a pair but after reading a lot of opinions and not being able to check enough models I put of the purchase. In general the expensive models with over the ear pad are really effective.

I am AT (Audio Technica) fan and could tell big difference between their midrange model, Sony and Pioneer (or Victor - cant remember which I checked). There was not uncomfortable feeling when switching the canceling on while with others you could feel various side effects (slight buzzing, etc.)

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Also, I don't know if there are any differences in noise cancellation from one product to another.

Yes there are. I have tried many types.

For a few hours on the air plain any types will do. For long time or professional use, some better professional ones might be necessary. I prefer using a highly professional one that can filter and mute out anything on adjustable volume level.

I normally prefer to use it in the city, at train stations, underground etc. a model that can even mute human voice or anything. It must be used with care, not to mute out everything as it can be dangerous unless you learn how to live in a silent world where you cannot hear an approaching car etc. It needs experience and focusing on what you do. But it can be useful to comfortably lower the level of both, mechanical or human noise e.g. the unbearable 120 db mad howling of the platform attendants through the speakers at the train stations. Some city noise can make people seriously ill. Not a joke at all.

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What makes most noise cancelling headphones so expensive? I mean really, you can purchase a PC or a media player with more electronics than in most pairs of "noise cancelling" headphones at half the price. I'm glad to see the price is finally coming down.

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Maybe on the long airplane flights??

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