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Kendo armor chopstick rests

By grape Japan

Quirky and cute goods retailer Village Vanguard will never run out of accessories to store your goods with, as evidenced by hamster cheek and butt stationery holders, but just in case you're a sword enthusiast, they're adding a new option to their lineup. Their latest release are handcrafted kendo-themed chopstick rests.

Modeled after the armor worn in the traditional Japanese swordsmanship-based martial art of kendo (called bogu), the chopstick rests are a collaboration with ceramic artist NIKKORIE. They're called the "Men and Kote Chopstick Rest Set", with "Men" being the call a kendo practitioner makes when striking an opponents head, and "Kote" the call made when striking the left or right (it also refers to the gloves themselves).

You can pretend your chopsticks are shinai kendo swords and battle your chopstick rest when you eat--if that's your thing.

As each set is handmade to order, every rest has a unique appearance. They're currently available in limited to stock to order from Village Vanguard's online store.

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Men! Kote!

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Looks more like an alien egg to me.

But I would buy that!

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Too expensive for me. Daiso does the trick.

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they look like turtles

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