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Image: Sega Toys
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Kimit is the cat-shaped ragdoll of the future


If you love cats but have a cat allergy or your apartment might not allow pets, you’re not alone. Here’s why the Kimit Ragdoll might be the answer to your problems. Developed by Sega Toys using data collected from over 100 cats, the Kimit Ragdoll is made to mimic all the best parts of our feline friends. 

This robot acts just like a real cat by purring, dilating its pupils and meowing. The Kimit Ragdoll even goes as far as to recreate a heartbeat sound and while being warm to the touch if you hug it. The fur is made to feel just like how it would be to pet or stroke a cat, trying to get it as close to the real thing as possible. While it doesn’t replace owning an actual cat, it might do for now. 

Priced at ¥33,000, you can buy it directly from the official Kimit website

Source: Kakaku.com

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Does it wake you up by jumping on your head at 6am in the morning?


I’m sticking with the real deal then…

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This is pretty cute and as a no-pet apartment dweller I'd consider it. Cats are the go. I live alone, too, so a pretend pet would be better than what I have now.

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Priced at ¥33,000, you can buy it directly from the official Kimit website. 

For that amount of ¥¥¥¥, you could buy a pretty nice real cat. Sure, it would need a litter box and might scratch your furniture, but it would be a living thing, not a robot.

In both human and animal companions, Japanese seem to prefer robots.

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