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KitKats team up with No. 1 sweets souvenir seller for gold caramel banana flavor

By grape Japan

While Japanese KitKats are widely known for their range of Japan seasonal and regional exclusive flavors from around the country, one of their most successful iterations thus far has been a Tokyo-inspired flavor. A strong gift-giving culture in Japan, particularly when one visits a different region for work or holiday, encourages bringing back a local souvenir for the office or family and friends. For visitors to Tokyo, that souvenir is very often Tokyo Banana, a spongy and creamy banana cake that's become the number one selling gift in Tokyo.

Nestle Japan teamed up with the top selling Tokyo souvenir for crushed crepe filled KitKats last year, and now the collaboration is back with an Olympic gold medal twist in the form of the new "Tokyo Banana KitKat Gold, Banana Caramel Flavor".

The new KitKat flavor comes from kneading caramel powder into a banana-flavored white chocolate, which Nestle says has a subtle banana scent and rich caramel flavor.


The "Gold" aspect references not only the shiny wrapping and "golden" chocolate color, but also that these KitKats are being released with the theme of supporting hard workers--particularly 2020 Olympic athletes going for the gold. In the past, KitKats in Japan have be used as a form of encouragement for those working hard on something, as the Japanese pronunciation of “Kitto Katsu” translates to "Definitely win".


"Tokyo Banana KitKat Gold, Banana Caramel Flavor" will initially be on sale until Jan 8, 2020, at the Tokyo Okashi Land confectionery store on the 1st basement level floor of Tokyo Station. From Jan 9, 2020, they will be made available at Tokyo Station, Haneda Airport, Tokyo Solamachi, and international airport terminal gift shops. From February they will be made available at more stations and gift shops within the Tokyo area.

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Sounds like a delicious flavor, worth trying.

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I hate the Tokyo Banana.

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Not much banana in those...

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