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Korg synth rocks Nintendo DS


We’ve no idea how many people are likely to buy an emulation of a classic ’70s synthesizer to play with on their Nintendo DS, but the developers at AQ Interactive certainly deserve credit for having a bash at it.

The 4,800 yen DS-10 software replicates KORG’s MS-10, which kick-started the whole electronica thing back in the day. Avid nostalgiasts can use the DS’s touch-sensitivity to manipulate the various knobs and levers as they attempt to wring out something like music from the various samples included in the package.

Lastly, should they have any real friends, users can even form a DS supergroup by hooking their handhelds together across a local Wi-Fi connection. Ain’t that sweet? (J Mark Lytle/Metropolis)

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Cool now I can go back to practicing my Depeche Mode "Just Can't get enough".

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Hehehe...or "Pocket Calculator" by Kraftwerk

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