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Krispy Kreme Japan collaborates with Minions on character doughnuts

By Jess, grape Japan

The treats on offer at Krispy Kreme’s Japan branches are undeniably adorable, and doughnut fans are treated to a never ending rotation of seasonal offerings for events such as sakura seasonHalloween and New Year. But it’s not as often that we see a character-themed offering from the doughnut chain, and this latest release is their first ever collaboration with the popular Minion series.

The lineup focuses on one of the most recognizable Minions, Bob, and his stuffed bear friend, Tim.

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 12.39.37.png

Bob comes in doughnut form, with a pudding-flavored coating and chocolate features. The doughnut is filled with banana flavored cream, in honor of the Minions’ favorite fruit (385 yen).

Photo: Krispy Kreme Japan

Tim the bear has a caramel chocolate coating, with a coffee chocolate nose and a strawberry chocolate tongue. The doughnut has a chocolate cream filling to suit his chocolatey theme (385 yen).

Photo: Krispy Kreme Japan

Bananas appear as a motif again in the banana and chocolate frozen drink, with a cute Minion design on the side of the cup (649 yen).

Photo: Krispy Kreme Japan

The themed doughnuts are also available in variously sized sets, perfect for any occasion. Apart from the character doughnuts there’s other flavors included, such as a very Minion-y blue and yellow sprinkled number. The box has a colorful and cute Minion design too.

Photo: Krispy Kreme Japan

These mischievous Minions will be on sale at branches of Krispy Kreme in Japan from March 1 until mid-May 2021.

Source:Krispy Kreme Japan

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