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Kumamon phone charger

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Devicenet, a company that sells unique and nifty digital devices, has a new portable phone charger with a picture of Kumamon, the beloved bear mascot character of Kumamoto Prefecture. The charger is palm-size and easy to carry.

Available from online stores:

Price: 3,780 yen.

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1 Comment
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In case Japanese audiences aren't aware, US audiences are somewhat disturbed by the design of Kumamon, due to its similarity with 2CH Pedobear....

But don’t confuse Kumamon for Pedobear, another of Japan’s popular kuma exports.

In the west, Kumamon is less well known than one of Japan’s other famous bears, Pedobear. Originally ASCII art from a message board, Pedobear has been used in pop culture as a mascot to warn of pedophiles.

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