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Language learner-friendly Japanese textbooks


ALC Press Inc, a company famous for producing distance learning and language learning material, recently released two textbooks for Japanese language learners.

The first, focusing on onsei, spoken Japanese, includes downloadable listening material and the content starts from basic lessons and gradually gets more advanced.

The second one focuses on bunpo, or grammar, and is written by a Japanese teacher who has taught over 1,000 students whose first language is not Japanese.

Using his experience as a teacher, the author sought to find the reasons for the particular errors Japanese language learners are prone to, and made thorough explanations in the book to lessen such misunderstandings.

Price: ¥2,160 each.

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These links are more a more reasonable length:

The yellow and orange grammar book:

The light blue and green speaking book:

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I recommend the Pimsleur tapes to master a beginner level in any language. I started learning Japanese from them and have also picked up a basic understanding of Korean, Czech, Polish, Dutch, German & Portuguese from them. Beyond that, it's the effort you're prepared to put in to go further.

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Having worked for ALC several years ago, their books are not aimed at students of Japanese, but teachers.

Thank you and PerformingMonkey for checking. From my experiences, I recommend the Japanese for Busy People series. They helped me to skip my 1st and part of my 2nd level Japanese classes.

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Having worked for ALC several years ago, their books are not aimed at students of Japanese, but teachers.

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Er, these books are targeted at teachers of Japanese.

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Sorry, I left out an "r" in your user name in my first message.

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Here you are.


No. 8 and No. 19 on the best-sellers list

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These look great - can you please add a link how to order? Thank you.

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I'll have to check them out. I hope there's some video to see the target languages in practice.

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Great. Where are these gems available?

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