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Lazy stay-home innovation from Japan: the addictive cloud nap mat

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By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Japan has a well-deserved reputation as an industrious society. Students are expected to study hard, and once you get out into the working world your professional responsibilities are supposed to take precedence over just about anything else.

But precisely because working hard is the norm in Japan, those rare opportunities to relax, or even go full lazy, are moments to be treasured and enjoyed to their fullest, which brings us to the latest offering from Japanese interior brand Belle Maison.

Belle Maison gets straight to the point with the name for its latest creation: the Addictively Fluffy Cloud Nap Mat (Mochi Mochi Shokkan ga Yamitsuki ni Naru Kumo no Yo na Gorone Matto in Japanese). Lower than a sofa and shorter than a mattress, it’s an invitingly soft pad to let yourself sink into whenever you feel like a heavenly cozy mid-day sleep session. Ostensibly you could also use it to lounge on as you read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, but as shown in the demonstrative photo above, you’re likely to set your novel and mug down and doze off before long.

The pad is 150 centimeters long by 90 centimeters wide, but can be bundled up into a more compact form for storage within the included drawstring bag. It also has a removable cover which you can take off and toss in the washing machine if it gets dirty (so no worries if your nap involves such deep sleep that you drool a little).

The Addictively Fluffy Cloud Nap Mat is priced at 15,900 yen and can be ordered here through Belle Maison’s online shop, the same marketplace where it’s also offering its Super Big Kotatsu Futon, if you’re looking for more ways to be luxuriously lazy.

Source: Belle Maison

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