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LED bulbs feature wide light distribution angle


Panasonic Corp will release two models of standard type EVERLEDS LED bulbs featuring the wide light distribution angle of approximately 300 degrees. LED bulbs are quickly finding their way into homes thanks to their high energy efficiency and long life. However, applications of existing LED bulbs are limited to illuminating spots beneath the lamps because of the bulbs’ narrower light dispersion than incandescent bulbs.

Although the existing LED bulbs are suitable for such areas entrances, bathrooms and staircases, there are demands for LED bulbs that can distribute light at wide angle when used in diffusing panel covered lighting equipments and that can illuminate a broader area.

Panasonic’s new LED bulbs have responded such demands with the two key technologies: "optical design technology that spreads light using a combination of LED packages arranged in a circular pattern inside a large globe and a double reflector structure" and a "high heat dissipation technology with the circuit arranged above the LED packages in order for the circuit parts to be away from the body where the heat converges."

The new LED bulbs provide the industry's widest light distribution angle of approximately 300 degrees, which is almost equivalent to the angle of incandescent lamps. The new LED bulbs can replace incandescent bulbs used in light fixtures that help disperse the light throughout the room, giving lighting effects with a light distribution angle almost equal to incandescent light bulbs.

The new E-26 base LED bulbs come in two colors, warm lamp color (LDA7L-G) and daylight color (LDA7D-G) which has brightness equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp and boast a long service life of 40,000 hours.

Available from March 18.

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Huh? We've got an LED as the main ceiling light in the living-dining area, and it lights the entire room very nicely. LED's are da bomb. Plan to switch over entirely when the flourescents pop.

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Looking forward to seeing it soon :)

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Already use the Panasonic EVERLEDs in the office and at home. Their bases get VERY hot after 12 hours continuous use - obviously the high heat dissipation technology - but it can also be dangerous in enclosed spaces or ceiling fixtures - there is a small warning on the box. They also can't be used in dimmable circuits, they are really bright, but also give quite pronounced shadows.

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But they arent very bright yet to replace all, arent they? usually 15W or 30W max? But this one says it is 40W equiv

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Mine is 60w equiv.

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LED bulbs are nice. You can also use dimmer.

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I have 3: Bathroom and toilet where you can't be arsed to wait for a CFL to brighten up and in entrance, where I just keep it on all the time.

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From what I have seen of LED light bulbs, the Japanese made ones are far superior to those made elsewhere. Although overseas made bulbs are cheap, they have no where near the brightness of Japanese bulbs. I just hope that the LED bulbs in Japan will be sold cheaper. Like all new products in Japan they seem to be overpriced. Look at CFL bulbs now. They sell under half the price that they used to.

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