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Level up your jump rope game with electric rope spinner


With year-end gatherings just a few weeks away, switch board games for this Electric Rope Spinner to keep everyone on their toes. This battery-powered alternative to a regular jump rope has 10 different speed settings. Challenge your friends, coworkers or family members to a jump rope duel and see who comes out on top.

Made for all ages, the Electric Rope Spinner by Thanko also comes with an automatic counter and remote control to switch between intensity levels seamlessly. If you can’t make your 10,000 steps a day, this device is also a great form of exercise. 

It takes two hours to charge completely and can run continuously for three hours. Buy it online or in-store for ¥5,980.

Source: Thanko

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Good for all those with a spacious living room or lawn.

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For the kid with no friends to twirl the rope…obviously.

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When I was a boy, jumping rope was a 'girly' thing and that changed a little as they featured it in gym class during my t(w)een years in school. Personally, I never knew how to 'jump rope'. I never had the coordination or synchronization and timeliness quite right. Just the same deal with cartwheels, couldn't get the balance right.

On top of that, I just didn't give a damn. I always enjoyed other sports instead.

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For the kid with no friends to twirl the rope…obviously.

How bitter, didn't you have friends in your childhood??, everything is fine at home??..

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