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Limited-edition Kukure Curry-flavored potato chips coming to celebrate its 50th anniversary

By Dale Roll, SoraNews24

Japanese curry is its own special category of curry, with a thick sauce that has more of a sweet flavor than a spiced flavor. Typically served over rice with your choice of toppings–though a deep-fried pork cutlet is most common–Japanese curry is a popular food for people of all ages all over the world.

In Japan, you can also buy curry that’s ready-made and sold in pouches known as a “retorts”, so all you have to do is heat it up to eat it. One of the most popular brands of retort curry, with its classic, mild, and smooth sauce, is Kukure Curry by House Foods. Kukure Curry was the first retort curry to be sold by House Foods in 1971, which means it’s been around for 50 years already.

Naturally, 50 years is a landmark anniversary, so House Foods is teaming up with snack company O’Zack to make delicious, limited-edition, Kukure Curry-flavored potato chips! That’s right, they’re not just curry-flavored, they’re Kukure Curry-flavored. The combination of the mellow curry made from grated apples and vegetables and crunchy O’zack potato chips is sure to become your next addiction.


House Foods is also celebrating by holding a Twitter giveaway, which is currently underway and lasts until January 24.


All you have to do is follow @housefoods_now and retweet their campaign tweet above by January 24, and you could win a Kukure Curry 50th Anniversary Set, which comes with 50th-anniversary Kukure Curry retort packs in mild, medium, and spicy, a pack of O’Zack Kukure Curry chips, and six keychains featuring a bowl of Kukure Curry and its matching packaging. If you’re a Kukure Curry fan, you won’t want to miss out on entering.


Kukure Curry is available at the suggested retail price of 120 yen. That’s just in time for Curry Day on January 22.

Source: PR Times

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