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Lipton’s iced tea-scented pens


Japanese stationery company Zebra is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Sarasa Clip pens, which is why they have teamed up with world-famous tea maker Lipton to launch a unique line of ball-point pens. It is releasing 10 pens each with the aroma of a different flavor of Lipton iced tea sold in the Japanese market.

The 0.5-millimeter ball-point pens will be sold individually for 157 yen or in packs of five for 787 yen.

Source: PR Times

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Nothing beats a Japanese pen. The choices, the technology, and high quality design makes it so special. There staff of designer and engineer must approach pens like European car companies approach cars, constantly innovating, and implementing improvement through countless product models and product lines. I wouldn't be surprised if they compete to develop the best formula for gel ink with color for every shade of the rainbow. As a result journalist, artists, and pen lovers everywhere are beneficiaries of the highly developed and advanced Japanese writing instruments.

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Japanese pens are the best

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