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Those who appreciate the beauty in even the smallest things might like these new earphones designed in traditional Japanese motifs and colors. Designed by Maxell, in collaboration with Kyocera, the earphones come in 8 colors. Price is approximately 2,000 yen.

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Since the user cannot see the earphones while using them, in order to be truly appreciated, it would be necessary to have other people bring their faces within a few centimeters of the user's ears, which would have to be unobstructed by their hair. The price is 200 times the price of 100 yen shop earphones.

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The price is 200 times the price of 100 yen shop earphones.

It ain't.

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Try 20 times the price of 100 yen headphones. And have you ever HEARD 100 yen headphones?

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Those are so pretty! I admit though that I'd want to show them off, but because they are so small, that'd be a little difficult, haha. Very pretty though.

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Ha ha, looks like I typed an extra zero in my previous post. They are 20 times the price of 100 yen shop earphones, which I use and which probably sound as good as these fancy doo-dads here.

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I don't understand these ear canal headphones. Sticking unsterilized objects right inside your ear canal is something doctors have been warning against for many years.

Even though they're painful, unhygenic and need to be just the right size to fit the canal, about 90% of the earhones in Yodobashi are this type. I don't get it.

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If there is only one user it doesnt do much harm.

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