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Low calorie and protein packed 'Karaage without sin'

By grape Japan

Karaage is one of Japan's most beloved fried snack and bar foods, but you'll find different incarnations of it around the country--such as Final Fantasy and even idol sweat flavored.

Regardless of what type you go for, as popular as karaage is, it has a reputation for being up there in calories. Japanese snack maker Koikeya, however, who is known mostly for their potato chips, has released a low-calorie and high protein guilt-free alternative called "Karaage without sin."

The light meal actually went on sale for a limited time in March, but is being expanded to a nationwide releases due to popularity. "Karaage without sin" is a soy protein based snack, but deep fried in a special sauce by Koikeya to reproduce both the crispy texture and juiciness of karaage.

Intended as an alternative for karaage lovers with restrictive diets (and those who just want to eat a lot of karaage), each bag clocks in at a total of 125 calories.

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OK, we can relax, "idol sweat-flavoured" karaage is not really made from the collected sweat of overheated young women. Unlike some of the chicken karaage I've had, which there's no doubt features the real sweat of some overworked hairy chef dripping on to his work surfaces.

And yet strangely, it usually tastes OK.

But soy protein karaage? Worth a try, I guess...

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Low calorie versions of junk foods always make up for the lack of calories with something else unhealthy (as do low sugar versions). I looked up the nutritional information and in this case, it is pretty high in fat (about 23g per 100g compared to around 17.5g for regular karaage).

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Contains dairy and meat. Oh well.

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PASS! Will maybe low in calories I cannot imagine this  has any redeemable value as a food item, just a low calorie JUNK FOOD or as I like to call them, slow poison!!!

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It is still ‘fried’ in oil isn’t it?

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