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Magical-armor-style accessory protects you from bugs

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Most of Japan’s summer fireworks festivals have been cancelled for the year, as such mass gatherings are still being discouraged due to coronavirus concerns. One part of the Japanese summer that will go off without a hitch, however, is the massive spike in mosquito populations as the heat and humidity increase.

So for those planning a day of outdoor activity, or even just running errands in a society where shopping for daily supplies is primarily done on foot, insect repellent is handy to have. Luckily, Japanese drug stores sell all sorts of sprays and stickers designed to keep bugs away, but one-upping them all is manufacturer Fumakilla, the only company that makes an insect repellent that also looks like a full-on cosplay piece.


The Dokodemo Vape Premium houses a replaceable bug repellent cartridge and battery-powered fan, in order to provide effective and long-lasting protection. That also makes it a little on the bulky side, but that’s no problem, because it includes a strap that lets you attach it to your arm like the magical bracer worn by the hero of an anime series or tokusatsu special effects show.


In addition to wearing it on your arm, you can alternatively attach the Dokodemo Vape Premium to your ankle or one of the belt loops on your pants, and Fumakilla also recommends putting it on strollers to keep young children from getting bitten, as shown in the video here.

But really it’s the bicep style that’s getting attention, with online commenters saying it looks like something out of "Saint Seiya," "Kamen Rider," or similar series.

If this looks like the cosplay-friendly anti-mosquito savior you’ve been waiting for, the Fumakilla Vape Premium can be ordered here on Amazon for 980 yen.

Source: Fumakilla

Images: Twitter/@fumakilla_jp, YouTube/fumakillaVideo*, * [*Amazon/どこでもベープ*](

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It’s not the bugs I’m worried about, it’s the virus!

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If it helps I wouldn't mind it beeing a little bit bulky ^^V

kurisupisuToday 08:13 am JST

It’s not the bugs I’m worried about, it’s the virus!

Worldwide there are officially about 430.000 People that died and there are 7.700.000.000 Humans on this Planet .... (less then 0,001% died)

In Africa alone there are yearly ~2.000.000 CHILDREN that die of starvation ... (~0,003%)

Look at those numbers and think again

Maybe you should lock yourself up and never go outside again ?

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Ah but if you wear it on your arm does it stop the savvy blighters feasting on your ankles? And vice versa? They get me through my socks such is their persistence.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Looks like a chance to poison yourself. Skin absorbs the pesticides. No thank you.

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The topic is about bugs not starvation...

0 ( +0 / -0 )

20% deet is effective for adults. Children need netting.

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