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Magnet built-in tablet holder


Sanwa Supply just released a magnet built-in tablet holder MR-TABST8W that holds 9-11 inch sized tablet.

By attaching your tablet or iPad on a fridge or a whiteboard with this tablet holder, you can make use of it in many situations, such as cooking dinner from a recipe shown on the tablet attached on the fridge, or attaching it on the whiteboard and showing materials in the meeting.

It is also attachable on a wall with the accompanying screws.

Price: 5,229 yen Size: W150×D30×H163mm Weight: 180g

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Magnets and any sort data storage don't go hand in hand :)

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hefty price, especially since it's "made in china", think you not?

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Most tablets use flash drives which are, for the most part, unaffected by magnets. But 5229 yen? I could probably find something that would do the same job at the 100 yen store...

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