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McDonald’s Japan’s two new Holiday McFlurry flavors are their 'best ever'


The McFlurry is a perennial favorite frozen treat at McDonald's branches worldwide, and Japan is no exception.

However, for the holiday season this year, it looks like the Japanese version of the Golden Arches has something truly special in store.

In their latest press release, McDonald's announced two new "Holiday McFlurry" offerings, literally calling them "proud creations at the highest level (of excellence) in our (company's) history" (史上最高レベルの自信作 shijo saiko reberu no jishinsaku).

With assurances like that, they've set the bar quite high indeed!

From Nov 16, and for a limited time only, two new McFlurry flavors perfect for the holiday season, the Pretzel Caramel McFlurry and the Strawberry Cocoa Cookie McFlurry will be available at McDonald's branches throughout Japan.

The limited-edition cups are designed in a festive red and green color motif inspired by Christmas.

Pretzel Caramel McFlurry

Crunchy sweet pretzel pieces and two types of salted caramel sauce combine to create a fun mix of crisp and gooey textures. The sweetness of the pretzel and the bittersweetness of the salted caramel sauce are a perfect match.


Strawberry Cocoa Cookie McFlurry

This frozen treat blends crunchy cocoa cookies and fresh strawberry sauce mixed with soft-serve ice cream. You can enjoy the harmony of the bittersweet cocoa cookies and the fruity, sweet and sour strawberry sauce.


So, are these McFlurry flavors going to blow you away?

Having announed them as being of the "best quality level in (their) company's history," anticipation is surely high. But just as they say about pudding, the proof is in the ice cream. You'll have to try one and find out!

The Pretzel Caramel McFlurry (マックフルーリー プレッツェル キャラメル) and Strawberry Cocoa Cookie McFlurry (マックフルーリー ストロベリー ココアクッキー) cost 340 yen each, tax included, and will be available until early January in McDonald's branches throughout Japan.

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Those aren’t even holiday flavors. Why not something with peppermint or cinnamon?

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Those aren’t even holiday flavors. Why not something with peppermint or cinnamon?

Yeah, two flavors the Japanese will never go for.

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Salt and sugar = obesity.

How about a healthy persimmon instead?

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Salt and sugar = obesity.

McDonald's is generally not known for healthy options. You can always select their edamame and corn or a salad instead. I, for one, am looking forward to this because I consider it a treat, not an everyday item.

As for holiday flavors, this is Japan. I appreciate the Japanese menus at McDonalds and Starbucks because you don't see these types of specials in the U.S. where both companies originated.

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highest level (of excellence)


excellence would have been pralines, not pretzels. Strange since good pretzels from the US are no where to easily found. German pretzels….yuck

Wont try them anyway

invalid CSRF

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