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McDonald’s Japan releases trio of Pikachu-themed fruit desserts for summer

By Toby M, grape Japan

Are you ready to re-charge this summer? McDonald’s Japan sure is. They’ve enlisted the help of cathartic cutie, Pikachu to produce three new refreshing Pokemon desserts.


The tempting sweets are inspired by Pikachu’s sunny complexion, using yellow summer fruits as a main ingredient. Customers can enjoy a Yellow Peach McShake, a Chocolate Banana McFlurry and a Custard and Apple pie.

Aptly, the trio of treats will be released under the slogan “Sweets Trio Fru-chu” from June 11 (We would have plumbed for “Pika-fru”, but why waste time thinking about this when there’s so much tasty cuteness on the way). Check out each item below!

Yellow Peach McShake


Enjoy an icy cool burst of peach and cream flavors with the McShake. This dessert drink will lower your temperature and raise your spirits at the same time too as each cup features 1 of 6 different adorable Pikachu designs. Sipping and staring at happy Pikachu’s is the best way to chill out this summer.

Price: 120 yen (Small only)

Chocolate Banana McFlurry


McDonald’s have crafted the perfect balance between indulgent ice cream enriched with banana sauce, rich chocolate sauce and banana flavored yellow corn crisps. Each spoonful will send a current of satisfaction coursing through your taste buds. What’s more, these delights are delivered in cups featuring three different Pikachu designs. It’s going to be a long hot summer, so you’ll have no problem capturing all three designs to stay cool and cute.

Price: 340 yen

Hot Apple Custard Pie


Thin and crisp golden pastry. A yellow vanilla bean custard. Sweet AND tart caramel- cinnamon apple filling. These ingredients are too decadent to be contained in a single sentence. Yet, McDonald’s has somehow squeezed them all into what may be the perfect pie? And just like with the other desserts, these pies come in three different limited edition Pikachu-themed boxes. McDonald’s, we choose you to satisfy our sugar cravings this summer.

Price: 150 yen

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Any resemblance to food is coincidental.

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I remembered back in '98 that McDonald's had a "Topping shake." It was a peach flavored shake with a side packet of peach syrup to add to the shake. It was great. They should bring that back.

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