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Microsoft touch mouse


Microsoft's new touch wireless mouse is for Windows 7, contains the usual mouse functions, right and left buttons, but requires only a very light touch. It allows easy switching between tasks and uses gestures to quickly scroll and pan, navigate, and manipulate content.

7,980 yen.

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Ha, get the Arc Touch Mouse instead!

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i dont know if Apple will be very happy for this. another patent war to follow...

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This is poo poo at best. Get a Razer!


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Definitely looks to be copying Apple's Magic Mouse.

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This is cool, but I wonder if it will work on XP too.

It's a bit pricey for a mouse, but the features make up for it. It would be nice if it comes in different colors!

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I dunno... a $15 optical mouse with a scroll wheel is pretty hard to beat.

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It is definitely looks like Magic Mouse of Apple. Besides its functions and gesture are similar to Magic Mouse. If Steve were still alive, he's going to mad. And I prefer to Track pad. It is too expensive for mouse.

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