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Milk tea flavored popcorn hits convenience stores in Lipton-Mike collaboration

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By Jess, grape Japan

Mike Popcorn, the oldest branded popcorn in Japan, doesn't shy away from experimenting with interesting and distinctly Japanese tastes, as demonstrated in their previous limited-time-only releases including mochi flavor and even takoyaki flavor for particularly adventurous people.

An interesting beverage widely found in Japan and other parts of Asia is "milk tea," a sweet and milky creation based on the classic black tea and milk combination famously drank in the United Kingdom. It can be found bottled or as instant powder, and unlike the "builder’s brew" it’s based on, it can be enjoyed over ice.

In the first ever collaboration between Mike and Lipton, the tea brand is lending their tea expertise to bring this popular flavor to the snack world in an unexpected way. Perhaps next time you watch a movie in Japan, you can forgo the usual popcorn flavors and instead pick up Mike’s Milk Tea Premium Popcorn.

Since this new release is "premium," it comes in a smaller size and resealable bag, so you can take your time savoring each exquisite bite flavored with Lipton’s tea leaf extract. Mike Premium’s standard caramel coating is also used and it pairs perfectly with the mild milky taste.

This ambitious tea-popcorn crossover can be found in convenience stores all over Japan.

Source: PR Times

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Milk tea?

Tea with milk with heaps of sugar already blended in.

Err, no thanks...

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