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Mint candies that 'make even your sighs cute' released in Japan

By grape Japan

When we sense our breath isn't exactly in its ideal state, most of us are content to pop a mint in our mouths. Japanese sweets maker Kanro (most known for their popular flavorful gummies) believes there are times when that simply won't suffice. Inspired by the idea of "a fairy's breath", Kanro has released a candy mint that they claim "even makes your sighs cute."

The new candies are actually called "Candy that rest your breath like magic and make even your sighs cute", which is quite the mouthful, but Kanro hopes just one will do the trick. Kanro describes the mint candy as refreshing and crispy, and it seems to be made to especially reset the breath of people who wear masks for long periods of time and are worried about the impact on their breath.

Kanro says the candies, which are pink grapefruit and mint flavored, have a rough exterior and that the addition of catechin and tannic acid help clear one's palate. It's hard to imagine someone considering the scent of your sigh cute, but if you want to get to the bottom of that science experiment, the candied mint packages are currently on sale at convenience stores throughout Japan for 138 yen.

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