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Mirror for use in the dark


Even when the lights are turned down low, a lady still wants to look her best, right? Thanks to Train’s Actress Mirror, you won’t have to frantically search for a well-lit area in order to check whether there’s anything stuck between your teeth. This 2,000-yen compact compact comes with a hidden weapon: an array of built-in LED lights, powered by a 12V battery housed in the spine of the case. Think of it as a portable version of the visor mirror in your car.

Train has shifted over 200,000 of these babies since they first went on sale last March, and there are now over 60 different designs. The latest, a pink-on-black number called “Lots of Love,” went on sale simultaneously in Japan and New York recently.

Available at department stores. (Metropolis)

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Sorry but this is not new!...about 4 years ago...

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A pocket mirror with a light? Those have been around since the 1920s.

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Think of it as a portable version of the visor mirror in your car.

Never seen a car visor mirror with LEDs!

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Excellent...I am waiting for the ones with the real hidden weapons to come out

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This should be very useful at the Cinema. Narcissus can kill two birds with one stone by reviewing her obvious beauty and drawing our attention to it like moths to the flame.

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