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Mister Donut’s Pikachu doughnuts coming back with new items

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By Jess, grape Japan

Last November, Japan’s popular doughnut chain, Mister Donut, released two super cute treats for Pokemon lovers. One was a banana chocolate Pikachu face doughnut, and the other was a delicious strawberry chocolate recreation of a Pokeball.

Now, the Pokemon themed doughnuts are coming back again in time for winter, with revamped designs that will make any Pikachu fan want to catch ‘em all.

Although not that much information has been released yet and it seems the banana chocolate coated Pikachu face doughnut is back in its original form. However, the Pokeball has evolved into one of Mister Donut’s classic Pon de Ring shapes.


There’s also a brand new item, a French cruller which has been designed to look like Pikachu’s back. Pikachu’s instantly recognisable color scheme is used and his iconic lightning bolt tail is also sticking out, just to make sure there’s no mistake about what this doughnut represents. There was a Twitter competition to decide on a name for the new doughnut last month, so it will be interesting to see what they go with in the end.

The Pokemon themed treats will go on sale from Nov 15 and we can expect more announcements about the doughnuts and any exclusive goods closer to the time.

Source: PR Times

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Very cute and delectable.

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