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Mister Donut Japan unrolls new line of sweet and savory breakfast 'bread' donuts

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By Shannon, SoraNews24

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, and Mister Donut — despite building a business on sweet snacks — has decided to accommodate their cravings. On June 19, the popular doughnut chain unveiled their latest series of sort-of-doughnuts-but-not-really-doughnuts, “Pon de Chigiri-pan”!

The name combines the shape of the brand’s signature doughnut Pon de Ring and a style of bread called chigiri-pan (or “pull-apart bread”) that’s equally popular in Japan. Basically, it’s a bunch of small, bread-like donut pieces baked together in a ring shape.

Where most doughnuts are fluffy and crumbly, Mister Donut’s Pon de Ring is known for having a chewy and stretchy texture. That’s why it wasn’t much of a stretch to take that texture, add some yeast, and bake Pon de Ring-like bread into their signature style.

The lineup includes three kinds of Pon de Chigiri-pan: sugar, cheese, and mentaiko (cod roe with spices). The simplest option, sugar, is glazed and topped with granulated sugar.

▼ This type goes for 150 yen a pop.


The cheese option is topped with a mix of Gouda, cheddar, and Camembert cheese sauces and shredded cheese.

▼ You can get this savory morsel for 180 yen.


The last one, mentaiko, is topped with a combination of mayonnaise and mentaiko sauce, a popular serving method in Japan.

▼ This one also goes for 180 yen.


You can grab these Pon de Chigiri-pan bites at Mister Donut stores throughout Japan as a quick breakfast or snack option. It’s a great way to get over the sugar coma you’re probably in from trying all of their Uji matcha treats.

Source: PR Times

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