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Mister Donut teams up with Kyoto tea specialist for new premium matcha doughnut range

By Oona McGee, RocketNews24

From marshmallow Brooklyn chocolate pizza doughnuts to adorable Hello Kitty offerings, Mister Donut knows how to tantalise its customers in Japan with good-looking limited-edition releases.

Now for a limited time, the hugely popular doughnut chain is taking its sweets to the premium end of the market, with a new range created in conjunction with one of the country’s most respected tea manufacturers, Gion Tusjiri. Founded in the famous tea-producing region of Kyoto’s Uji City over 150 years ago, the green tea specialist has recently given us stunning parfaits and matcha lip balms, and now they’re bringing their expertise to the world of doughnuts.

The range includes six doughnuts which, given the involvement of the renowned tea manufacturers, are said to be a level beyond the matcha doughnuts previously produced by the company last year.

This year, there’s the Warabi Mochi Matcha (183 yen), which contains a spread of bittersweet matcha chocolate, made with Gion Tsuji’s famed green tea, a soy milk whip and a bite-sized piece of "warabi mochi," a jelly-like bracken starch confection covered in "kinako" roasted soybean flour. The doughnut itself is made from a mixture of yeast and brown sugar, giving it a sweet depth of flavour.

There’s also the Shiratama Matcha (183 yen). which contains a whipped green tea made from Gion Tsuji-produced matcha, a salted red bean paste using beans sourced from Hokkaido, and a chewy "shiratama," a round mochi-style confection made from glutinous rice flour. The doughnut, made from brown sugar and yeast, is topped with a sprinkling of roasted soybean flour and a brown sugar mix made from unpolished rice and black beans.

The Azuki Matcha Whip (162 yen) is filled with a generous serving of whipped green tea and Hokkaido-sourced "azuki" red bean paste. Topped with a dusting of "kinako" roasted soybean sugar, the light and airy doughnut is made from a plain yeasted dough.

The Matcha Soy Milk Whip (162 yen) also uses a doughnut made from plain yeast dough, with a smooth whipped soy cream filling, a dusting of icing sugar and a side of bittersweet green tea chocolate icing.

Mister Donut’s crispy old-fashioned doughnut also gets dressed up in matcha chocolate for the occasion as the Premium Matcha Fashion (140 yen).

While the doughnut chain’s popular Pon de Ring pastry becomes the Pon de Ring Premium Matcha (140 yen), complete with a generous coating of bittersweet matcha chocolate.

In addition to the new doughnut range, Mister Donut will also be bringing out two cold matcha beverages. There’s the Matcha au Lait (302 yen), which contains a good balance of Gion Tsuji green tea and milk, creating a delectable bittersweet flavour.

And the Match au Lait Soy Milk Whip (356 yen), which contains fragrant premium green tea, topped with a smooth soy milk whip.

The lineup of drinks and doughnuts will be available at Mister Donut outlets around the country until the middle of May.

Source: PR Times

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One day in the future, all this poison will be illegal.

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SenseNotSoCommon at Apr. 12, 2017 - 04:14PM JST One day in the future, all this poison will be illegal.

Do you mean I'll have to switch to dried hickory nuts? Gawwwwd!

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