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Mochi java sparrow cushions provide heated cuddles and get fluffier as you stuff them

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By grape Japan

When Japanese retailer Felissimo isn't churning out realistic fried chicken pillow and ASMR sets, they have quite the lineup of bird-themed goods. Some of their more popular releases have been "evolving" egg-to-child-to-adult Penguin plushies and long-tailed tit laundry clips.

Their latest feathered friend release celebrated Oct 24 as "Java sparrow day" (apparently this is a thing) with super soft and and round "mochi java sparrow cushions."

The plushies have a fluffy and mochi like texture, according to Felissimo, and can open up to fit any sort of stuffing you like--rounding out into even fluffier shape the more you cram them with. Felissimo recommends inserting heated pads or even hot water bottles to make them warm and huggable plushies. They come in "normal" java sparrow coloring, white, and cinnamon.



The cushions are available from both Felissimo's international and Japanese online shops.

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1 Comment
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Mochi java sparrow cushions provide heated cuddles and get fluffier as you stuff them.

More like a sex toy than a cushion then?

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