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Momotani Juntenkan launches range of Halal beauty products for Muslim women

By George Lloyd, grape Japan

Momotani Juntenkan has been helping Japanese women to become even more healthy and beautiful since it was established 136 years ago. Now it has launched an environmentally friendly range of skincare products for Muslim women and is hoping its Halal certification will win them a generation of consumers in South East Asia.

Under the slogan "Sustainable beauty for me and the planet," the new range of Happiness Beaute skincare products aims to keeping skin beautiful while maintaining the beauty of the global environment. The lineup includes three new products, Refreshing Lotion, Balancing Emulsion and Soothing Cream.

The key to maintaining the basic strength of your skin is turnover, moisture, and barrier function. By keeping these three elements in good condition, your skin will repel contaminants and maintain its intrinsic beauty. Happiness Beaute products contain HBP complex, which strengthens the skin, helping it to maintain its natural beauty.


They are made using plenty of plant-derived ingredients, which enhance the basic strength of the skin, prevent the development of rough skin and encourage well-moisturized “happy skin.”

Among the natural ingredients used are Rosemary extract, which works on the stratum corneum of the skin to keep it smooth, and Kakadu plum extract, which gives your skin a wonderfully radiant glow.

Happiness Beaute products also contains Mentha extract, which makes your skin more elastic, and Moringa seed extract, which is an excellent way to avoid troubles and nuisances. Aloe vera leaf extract and broccoli extract protect the skin from the abrasive action of dry wind.

Happiness Beaute products have a floral scent, with sophisticated bergamot and slightly spicy deep cassis. The Soothing Cream also contains musk and amber, which are sure to lend your skin a delightful afterglow. Their clean and feminine floral scent will make you want to take a deep breath.

Photo: PR Times

Happiness Beaute products are made with carefully selected ingredients in a pristine, hygienic manufacturing environment. Momotani is committed to building a happy future in which people and animals live together in harmony. That's why none of the ingredients used in Momotani products are derived from animals and animals were not experimented on during the development process.

Instead, the products were tested for safety on human volunteers, under the supervision of expert scientists. The packaging used is FSC-certified, which means that it is sourced from timber products from well-managed forests.

In order to gain insights from Muslim consumers, Momotani Juntenkan conducted questionnaires and group interviews with Muslims resident in Japan during the product development process. They wanted to know how they responded to their products' packaging design and how they liked the fragrances used.

Momotani's Okayama factory acquired Halal certification in 2020. Halal has two meanings: one that a product is legal under Islamic law, and the other is that it is healthy, clean, safe and of high quality. Momotani conducts rigorous inspections, from the raw materials used in their products to the manufacturing and shipping processes. Halal-certified products are a guarantee of quality, which make them good not only for Muslims, but for everyone.

The new range of Happiness Beaute products is currently only available in Japan from Momotani Juntenkan's official Amazon shop, but it will be rolled out to consumers all over the world from the beginning of May.

For more details, see Happiness Beaute's official brand page.

You might also like to see Momotani Juntenkan's official Japan Amazon shop.

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Halal, healthy? Clean, safe, high quality? Not sure about that but what i and many people know is Halal products getting everywhere and when it comes to pork, Mcdonald fries are made from lard and Chinese Crackers are made from lean pork fats as well.

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Mcdonald [sic] fries are made from lard


What is 'Halal Certification'? "The cosmetics and pharmaceuticals which are halal certified simply mean that they do not contain anything which is prohibited for the followers of Islam".

Followers of Islam make up about 25% of the world's population? Makes good business sense to me.

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More on the fries:

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