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Moomin 'wagashi' hitting Japanese convenience stores are the cutest traditional sweets around

By grape Japan

When it comes to wagashi (that’s traditional Japanese sweets), sweets enthusiasts know that not only do they taste delicious, but they are sure to be presented beautifully too.

One lineup of wagashi which takes this idea to the next level is Tabemasu. Their creations are inspired by various recognizable characters such as Hello Kitty, the "Toy Story" aliens, and they’ve even just recently released a trio of Demon Slayers.


This latest announcement has revealed two beloved characters who are making their Tabemasu debut, Moomin and his friend Snufkin.


Moomin’s cute plump figure has been perfectly rendered in nerikiri, a type of wagashi which is made from white bean paste and mochi dough. Nerikiri is very malleable and easily colored, making it a great choice for the super detailed offerings from Tabemasu. Both of the characters have different flavor fillings, and Moomin’s is milk flavored.

Snufkin’s filling is matcha to match his famous green outfit. The sweet is so detailed it even includes the decorative rope on Snufkin’s hat.

These sweets can be found in the chilled dessert section of FamilyMart convenience stores all over Japan and cost 398 yen.

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I’ll keep them

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Love the Moomin stories, love wagashi, would love to try it.

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