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Mr Donut collaborates with current 'world’s best pastry chef' Pierre Marcolini on new collection

By Ben K, grape Japan

Since 2017, Mister Donuts Japan has tapped top names in patisserie and chocolate as part of their "there's something good at Mister Donuts" slogan. Previously, they have collaborated on donut and pastry collections with culinary maestros the likes of Toshi Yoroizuka and Pierre Hermé, the latter of which was named the World's Best Pastry Chef in 2016 by the World's 50 Best Restaurants.

Their latest collaboration is with Pierre Marcolini.

His name was already synonymous with excellent pastries and chocolates in Japan, but it became even more important when it was his turn to receive the "Best Pastry Chef in the World" title, this time at the World Pastry Stars event last October. The Belgian chocolatier, who chooses his own cocoa beans and is known as the pioneer of bean-to-bar sourcing, was selected unanimously by a panel of independent journalists to receive the honor.

The "Mister Donut meets Pierre Marcolini" collection is composed of four donuts and two danishes featuring chocolate, caramel, raspberry, and hazelnut flavors.

Fondant Chocolat Donut: Chocolate

This premium donut inspired by Pierre Marcolini's "Grand Cru" chocolate bonbons has Ganache cream with a rich cacao flavor sandwiched between two halves of a moist and rich chocolate donut. The surface is coated with chocolate and topped with bittersweet chocolate flakes.

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Price: 200 yen + tax

Fondant Chocolat Donut: Caramel

This donut, inspired by Pierre Marcoloni's "Animaux Caramel" (animal-shaped caramel bonbons), has salted caramel cream sandwiched between two halves of a moist and rich chocolate donut. The cocoa powder on the surface adds a hint of bitterness.

Price: 200 yen + tax

Photo: PR Times

Fondant Chocolat Donut: Framboise (raspberry)

Inspired by the Belgian chocolatier's iconic "Coeur Framboise" (raspberry heart) bonbons, this donut features bittersweet ganache cream and raspberry puree filling inside a chocolate donut. Topped with white chocolate and raspberry sugar, it has a delicious blend of tart and sweet flavors.

Photo: PR Times

Price: 200 yen+ tax

Fondant Chocolat Donut: Hazelnut

This donut, inspired by Pierre Marcolini's "Coeur Noisette" (hazelnut heart) bonbons, have a whipped cream ganache and hazelnut cream sandwiched between two halves of a moist and rich chocolate donut. It's coated with white chocolate and sprinkled with edible luster dust to make it sparkle.

Photo: PR Times

Price: 200 yen + tax

Danish Chocolat: Framboise (raspberry)

Mister Donut has clearly paid homage to Pierre Marcolini's iconic "Coeur Framboise" bonbons in this heart-shaped cocoa-flavored danish pastry. It is filled with whipped cream ganache and raspberry puree filling, then topped with raspberry sugar for an extra tart and sweet touch, not to mention a cute appearance.

Photo: PR Times

Price: 230 yen + tax

Danish Chocolat: Hazelnut

Inspired by Pierre Marcolini's "Coeur Noisette" bonbons, this cocoa-flavored danish pastry contains whipped cream ganache, hazelnut cream and chocolate flakes. It's coated with white chocolate for a delicious blend of sweetness and mild bitterness.

Photo: PR Times

Price: 230 yen + tax

The "Mister Donut meets Pierre Marcolini" collection will be available a la carte and in a take-out set of three (680 yen + tax) from January 8th to mid-March at participating Mister Donut locations.

For more information, you can visit Mister Donut Japan's page for this collection on their official website here.

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