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Muji’s new sustainable cutlery cover

By Katy Kelly, SoraNews24

In many parts of Japanese society, you’re expected to bring your own essentials. You’ll notice the relative lack of paper hand towel dispensers in toilets—because you should be carrying a personal hand towel with you, of course. Likewise, it’s a great idea to have your own utensils on hand if you buy a meal from a store, especially now that the government is considering clamping down on the free plastic ones.

All right, you think, I’ll start carrying my own eating implements around with me. But wait! You can’t just let your forks and chopsticks rattle around loose in your bag. That would be unhygienic, and if you purchase a case to keep them in it’d be difficult to find one that fits all your various cutlery, not to mention it would be a hassle to wash. Why is sustainability so inconvenient?!

Muji is here to provide you with an alternative way to keep your cutlery clean, collected, and in a relatively convenient manner. Their silicone cutlery wrap costs just 490 yen  and allows you to shield your cutlery from debris while stopping any post-eating grime from spreading to the rest of your bag.

▼ The pocket tucks away the ends of your cutlery that make contact with your mouth.


It allows you to store all manner of different utensils within it and then wraps closed. Then it can be secured with its strap so that nothing will fall loose.

▼ Just thread the edge of the strap through this slot here, and you’re all done.


Typically, people in Japan will store their chopsticks in one case, a matching fork and spoon set in another… It leads to a lot of clutter. But since this strap is adjustable, you can store many kinds of cutlery of different sizes and materials all together to save space.


Muji has been trying many methods to curb plastic waste and generally provide a more environmentally friendly experience in recent years. Would you use a product like this in your daily life to cut down on your plastic use?

Source: Muji

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sustainable cutlery cover

Instant landfill, more like.

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Create a problem and spend money to find a solution to the problem. Simple piece of furoshiki, reusable chopsticks/fork/knife and alcohol tissues that everyone is carrying thesedays.

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Wrap a fork from home in a cutout from an old t-shirt-problem solved!

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