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Mujjo Italian leather cases fill void in new Apple iPhone lineup

By Jeff W Richards

Like September clockwork, Apple has released the latest iterations of its ubiquitous iPhone: the iPhone 11 series. This year, whether you’re enthralled with the phone’s new camera capabilities or rather underwhelmed by the lackluster improvements of what’s usually a boundary pushing piece of personal tech, if you do change or upgrade, you will need to consider how to wrap that rascal (unless you’re one of those folks that likes to go naked).

Walking around with ¥100,000 worth of tech in your pocket — whether that’s a bespoke suit, a pair of skinny jeans or yoga-slash-athleisure wear— warrants at least a minimal protective case that can match your panache. Or better yet, something classic that works well with whatever your chosen style for the day.

One choice that never goes out of style is supple, functional Italian leather. It elegantly encases your hi-tech and future-forward pinnacle of modern technology. It looks good brand new and gets better looking and more personalized with age and patina and it’s as at home in the boardroom as it is in the local lounge or the fitness studio.

"Plus, there’s a new color: Alpine Green, inspired by a gorgeous '65 Ferrari 500 Superfast Speziale." Mujjo Co-Founder Remy Nagelmaeker

Apple usually releases some simple, well-designed leather cases for its devices. Usually. This year, however, the Cupertino company seems to have left new iPhone 11 owners in particular naked and afraid.

Never fear, Mujjo has you covered. We’ve featured this Dutch company before — it makes top quality leather cases and sleeves for Apple mobile devices as well as warm and stylish touchscreen gloves. A pioneer in the phone case market, the company’s vegetable-tanned, Italian leather mobile phone wallets have won plaudits from the likes of Wallpaper, the Los Angeles Times, Esquire and TechCrunch.

For the latest iPhone, Mujjo has once again released a case for each model — the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro (¥4,995 – ¥5,495) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (¥5,395 – ¥5,795) — that fit like a glove. The new cases are based on the company’s hugely popular iPhone X-series designs: seamlessly wrapped with full-grain leather and durable finishes that get more beautiful with wear. The supple cowhide offers protection from everyday knocks and bumps while adding a “grippier” feel to your newest sleek, metallic device. The case interiors are lined with the finest Japanese microfiber, a slim, super-strong fabric that is also exceptionally lightweight. Its sophisticated, satin-like finish provides luxurious padded comfort for your iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Alpine Ferrari Green.jpg

The case itself adds very little thickness to the iPhone. The edges are raised by 1 mm around the sides so that your prized OLED screen doesn’t touch the surface when you put it down. The buttons are even covered in leather yet optimized to take nothing away from responsiveness. Openings for the latest camera bulges and mute button are chamfered, adding to the slim aesthetic.

Offered in basic brown or black as well the company’s own unique Monaco Blue and Alpine Green colorways, the Mujjo cases come in plain, card sleeve or leather wallet styles. Besides their refined good looks, the sleeve and wallet versions can hold up to three Suica/Pasmo/credit or ID cards if you’d like to leave your bulky monstrosity of a wallet at home and go minimal. Plus they make a perfect replacement for Apple’s own (nonexistent) iPhone 11 leather cases and sleeves. Now all you need to remember are you keys.

Says Mujjo co-founder Remy Nagelmaeker: “We've made the cases to live up to our legacy of quality full-leather cases which have consistently been ranked among the best. They're also available as a wallet, a well-known Mujjo original. Plus, there’s a new color: Alpine Green, inspired by a gorgeous '65 Ferrari 500 Superfast Speziale.”

The company’s gloves and sophisticated leather cases are available on the Mujjo website (ships worldwide) and

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About ¥5,000 ok price. I prefer glass protector on the front which I got from ¥100 shop and a clear back case for ¥1300 from Amazon. For the wife's iPhone she needs a 360 degree case with the number of times she drops her phone. ¥1700 from Amazon.

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The iPhone 11?

It won’t cause me to part with even one yen-no thanks...

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