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Multi-profile SIM for smartphones and tablets


NTT Docomo says that in collaboration with Gemalto, it has developed the world's first multi-profile SIM for use through multi-carrier collaborations that can allow users to switch between profiles, which include data such as contract information and telephone numbers, on their smartphone or tablet in each country. The solution combines robust security with ease of use, drawing on Docomo's experience in international communications services and Gemalto's telecommunications know-how. The commercial launch is expected sometime in fiscal 2018.

By inserting the SIM into a smartphone or tablet, customers planning to stay overseas long term, such as expatriates and students, can not only access Docomo's network while in Japan, but also enjoy voice and data communications services provided directly by affiliated carriers in their respective service areas overseas, without needing to insert the SIM card of a local carrier or carry a rental device.

Customers will be able to arrange to receive service from an affiliated carrier so that once they arrive overseas they can make calls and access the Internet from the moment they touch down.

Docomo and Gemalto have been verifying the feasibility of their multi-profile SIM in joint tests with Conexus Mobile Alliance5 carriers since 2016. The newest tests will be conducted with TrueMove H in Thailand and VNPT in Vietnam from December to next March. Corporate customers traveling between Japan and these countries will use the data services provide by the multi-profile SIM, and a quality evaluation will be made based on their experiences.

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Sounds good but if Docomo are involved it will be expensive.

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I thought physical SIMs were something going by the wayside:



"Google added a lot to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but one of its more intriguing upgrades comes from what it's taking away: the need for a SIM card. Both devices still have a nano-SIM slot (contrary to a few rumors), but they also use eSIMs like that on the Apple Watch Series 3. So long as your carrier supports it, you just have to download a virtual SIM during the setup process to activate service. Needless to say, that's a welcome change if you're tired of the usual SIM swapping ritual needed for upgrading handsets."

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Perhaps the big 3 should take a course on customer service. I've never seen worse cs in all my life than what you get with any of them.

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