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Mushroom pillow cover

By grape Japan

You can always count on Japanese retailer Felissimo to let you lay your head to rest with adorable animal pillow covers such as capybaracorgi butts, and even giant Japanese mackerels. However, this time they're going off their animal print beaten path with an equally cute but peculiar choice--poisonous mushroom pillow covers.

The mushroom pillow case is modeled after the fly agaric muscimol mushroom, which while actually poisonous, results in human death extremely rarely--so feel free to get some shuteye with it. You also don't even need to be a video game fan to notice that yes, it is indeed the same design of Super Mario Brothers fame.

Simply slide your pillow into the case.

Photo: Felissimo

And there you go. A plump mushroom pillow case that can turn your bed or couch into a cute forest or a Mario level.

The mushroom pillow cases are available from Felissimo's online store for 4,620 yen. While they are currently not listed on the international order store at the time of writing, they should be shortly.

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Hallucinogenic dreams anyone?

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Amanita muscaria produce an unexpected type of dreams. Only poisonous if too many taken.

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