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Naohisa releases new ramen flavor for limited time


Naohisa opened its first store in Ginza in 1967, serving homemade noodles using Nagoya Cochin or chicken broth. Bred since the Meiji era, Nagoya Cochin is a special breed of chicken that can be likened to Kobe Beef in terms of quality. Nagoya Cochin is best known for its umami flavor, prepared in different ways like tebasaki chicken (Japanese chicken wings), chicken sashimi or nabe (hot pot). 

Ginza Naohisa has released its special soy sauce ramen featuring agodashi (flying fish soup stock). Using freshly caught ago (flying fish) from Nagasaki Prefecture with Fujitora Soy Sauce as the ramen base, it is topped off with Unzen Shimabara chicken and black rose seaweed. 

Available in stores around Tokyo, Kanagawa and online, this ramen is priced at ¥980 while stocks last. 

Source: PR Times

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Looks delicious

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aly - agreed

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When is a chicken not chicken?

When it comes from Nagoya…

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