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NEC explores third dimension


For gadget makers, 3D screens have long been the Holy Grail that will let them take the next step in television’s development. So we’re pleased to hear that NEC is on the verge of commercializing an LCD with that extra dimension. The company’s 3.1-inch 3D display has already been used as a prototype by the European Mobile3DTV consortium (that’s it in the photo), but NEC says it’ll be ready for mass-production within a year or so.

First up will be medical devices for showing our insides on glorious 12.1-inch screens, followed by possible gaming monitors and, finally, 3D portable TVs using the smaller LCD. Just don’t make us sit through "My Bloody Valentine 3D" again, OK? (J Mark Lytle/Metropolis)

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Looks unreal.

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Isnt this a repeat of the 3DTV in America that showed the Superbowl football game a few YEARS ago? 2003 or so?

People (Americans) dont want 3D, they want big and clear.

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I agree, urufuls- it looks fake. But at least JT included a picture.

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I wonder if it uses holographic technology?

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