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Neo Kimono releases innovative traditional heel covers made from artisanal fabric

By Krista Rogers, SoraNews24

Neo Kimono has banded together with Tokyo’s vocational Vantan Design Institute to pave the way for a traditional take on modern pumps with the Obi de Boots iki heel covers. Designed by stylist Chihiro Hitomi, the covers are made using gorgeous patterns from Nishijin silk fabric, a traditional textile from Kyoto that’s been produced for over 1,000 years.


▼ Obi de Boots iki lend a stylish flair to pumps that also makes them appear slightly taller than ankle-high boots to the casual observer.


The lineup currently features 10 pattern varieties with four colored pumps to choose from, though buyers can also simply purchase a pair of covers and attach them to their own pumps as long as their heel height clocks in between 4-7 centimeters and the instep is 5.5 centimeters or larger. Shoe sizes for the lineup range from 22.5-25.5 centimeters, increasing in 0.5-centimeter increments.

▼ The 10 fabric pattern varieties


It’s important to note that Nishijin fabric is typically used not only for kimono and obi, but in interior cloth and hanging decorations as well. Therefore, incorporating the fabric into the actual design of a wearable accessory is not being disrespectful to traditional art forms, contrary to this recent Valentino ad which featured a model walking in heels on top of an actual obi.

▼ How would you mix and match the patterned heel covers with traditional garb?


Neo Kimono is taking pre-orders for Obi de Boots iki on their website as of April 2, with the lineup limited to 500 exclusive pairs. Pairs of the pumps/heel cover combined pieces cost 44,000 each, while pairs of the heel covers alone cost 33,000 yen each – a steep price, but perhaps to be expected given the high quality of Nishijin textiles. Orders are expected to be shipped in mid-May.

Source: Neo Kimono via Japaaan

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Oh dear. I can see a great export market for these, though.

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I lived in Japan and married there and these are UGLEY

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These (not the same brand) have been available for at least a decade if not more.

My daughter's friends had them ( ok quick explanation, Daughter Goth, many of her friends are into certain subcultures including "modern Wa style" ) these have been available in shops that sell to "Modern Wa" especially in the Harajuku area.

Also the sub-subcultur of "Lolita Wa" wear them. (The lolita subculture has subcultures inside like goth lolita, "Wa" lolita, etc..)

I know strange old Gaijin man, why do I know so much about all of it?

Well nothing weird. As a single father, I was dragged around by my daughter to all these places so she and her friends could buy all their Stange clothings and that was at least over 10 years ago.

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Lovely, honestly i think these are fun, however the price is absurd. Surely some are available for under 3!

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‘Hypocrisy! - ‘Call out’ Foreign brands Sunday yet, “give a “Pass” to Japanese brands Thursday?

This was “National” news Apr 4 - “Valentino sparks outrage for disrespecting Japanese culture”M - From the article:

“...and shoes....is an important part of Japanese culture that any departure from convention is likely to spark ire and disdain, so when Valentino released a model walking on a kimono obi sash while wearing shoes, the Internet erupted in outrage.”


These heel(?) covers are fashionable yet the are technically “spats”, worn over the shoes and around the ankles. These look like they also continue the fabric UNDER the shoe, which would be ‘extremely outrageous” and hypocritical regarding the “rules and respectful behavior in Japan toward traditional kimono and obi fabrics”. Even copies of similar designs by the western designer ‘sparked outrage”.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

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