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New Batman figure envisioned by video game designer

By Krista Rogers, RocketNews24

Tetsuya Nomura is the mastermind behind this upcoming Batman figure, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The 44-year-old video game artist/designer/director of Square Enix fame (he’s a veteran of both the "Final Fantasy" series and "Kingdom Hearts") personally designed this version of the Dark Knight, and if you’re a fan of both his work and DC Comics, you’d better ready your wallet now!

Even by Batman standards, this new figure is a relatively dark interpretation of everybody’s favorite brooding superhero. One look at its design and Nomura’s stylistic flourishes are evident in every little detail, from the incredibly intricate bladed arm gauntlets to the flowing, jagged cape. A pair of mobile arms sprouting from the figure’s back, which can be “deactivated” at your pleasure, add a nice personal touch. This definitely seems like the "Final Fantasy X Batman" crossover that we’ve all been waiting for.

At approximately 306 millimeters tall and weighing 670 grams, the figure has quite the threatening presence

Nomura’s figure is currently available for pre-order on Amazon Japan’s site for 19,786 yen, which is also listed as being 26% (6,998 yen) off the list price. The actual release date is slated for July 31. Whether you collect Batman or Final Fantasy figures, this product is sure to complement either collection.

Source: Amazon Japan

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Great design, but it's not Batman.

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It looks like a mishmash of Batman, Kamen Rider, Godzilla, and something else I can't quite put my finger on. Too over the top. All that crap hanging off of him would really hamper him in a fight.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Looks like an insect somebody stepped on !

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