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New Choco Mint Pocky comes covered in pastel green mint chocolate

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

Ever since its debut on the market back in 1966, Pocky has been a hit with consumers. Now loved by people around the world, the Japanese brand has grown to include heart-shaped stick varieties, luscious green tea versions, and cute box designs for Valentine’s Day. But what we look forward to every year are those special, rare, limited-edition releases that become unique collectibles in our library of taste.

This year, we’ll be hunting down the new Choco Mint Pocky, which will only be available during summer. And while Pocky has dabbled in mint chocolate flavors before, this new version looks to be their best yet, because unlike past versions, which mixed the mint flavor into a dark-colored milk chocolate coating, the Choco Mint Pocky comes covered in a beautiful mint green coating.

Another point of difference is the fact that the sticks themselves are chocolate flavored, containing the perfect amount of cocoa in the mix to compliment the mint-flavored coating. This combination of crunchy bittersweet cocoa and smooth, refreshing mint is said to lift your spirits, with the heady mint fragrance leaving you feeling cool and invigorated, which is exactly what you want from a chocolate snack on a hot summer’s day.

With mint chocolate butter and peach mint rum KitKats on the market this season, it’s going to be a very minty summer. The Choco Mint Pocky launched on 4 June, and is available from stores around the country for 170 yen.

Source: Glico Japan

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What's up with all the chocolate mint stuff? The only chocolate mint I need is ice cream!

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mmmmm Pocky with chocolate and spearmint does sound very nice.

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