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New compact toaster oven


Panasonic has a new compact oven model, the NB-DT52, that makes quality toasted bread in a short amount of time. 

The new toaster has various temperature control options corresponding to the thickness of the bread slice and can also toast frozen croissant or bread rolls. The two heaters inside the oven ensure that the inside of the bread gets warm and moist while the outside becomes crispy, which is perfect for all kinds of bread.

More information can be found on Panasonic’s website:

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Yes but does it talk?

Sorry old Red Dwarf joke.

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makes quality toasted bread 

That would imply using high quality bread, which eliminates virtually all the bread sold at my local supermarket.

The new toaster has various temperature control options

My 5,000 yen Tiger toaster oven has 80 degrees to 250 degrees temperature control in increments of 20 degrees. I keep it on 250 degrees virtually all the time, lol.

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What no Bluetooth?

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This toaster only does what other toasters do.

If could make that horrible, ubiquitous, marshmallow pap that masquerades as bread taste nice, I would buy it.

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You can buy a convection toaster oven for the same price which I use to make my own bread every other day, but actually use my gas stove (cooker hob) to make toast.

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