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Walt Disney Japan has released new models to the “Disney Mobile” service developed with Softbank Mobile. The product, which targets women in their 20s and 30s, comes with Disney-related functions and contents.

The DM005SH (Sharp) is a sophisticated model equipped with a 3.4-inch AVS LCD display with the highest resolution level of 8 million pixels and CCD camera. It has a “pretty arrange” function that automatically processes the image taken such as adjusting the size of the face or eyes or lightening the complexion.

The camera inside is used as a hand mirror, convenient for female consumers. When using it as a camera, OKI’s face recognition system “FSE” allows the user to check the facial features to identify any resemblance to Disney characters. The image taken can then be decorated to look like a Disney character. The mobile phone also features a function that changes text messages into decoration mails using Disney fonts.

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And this is targeted at adults? oh dear, and the nightmare continues.

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I`m afraid so. My friend went to Chef Mickey with her 3 year old the other week and was stunned by two women in their late twenties, no kids in tow, wearing the ears and screeching and whipping out cameras every time Mickey or one of the characters came past them.

She went right up to their table in the end and said to them "You know Santa Claus doesn`t exist, right??!"

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In their late twenties? That's NOTHING! I know a women nearly 60 years old who buys any and every kind of "Mickey Mouse" trinket she can find hozever; NOT for any grandchildren (she doesn't have any) they are for HERSELF!!!

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The camera inside is used as a hand mirror, convenient for female consumers.

That is the killer-application!

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grow down people! disneyland and other disney parks can be great fun for adults on their own. and seeing the characters and getting good photographs of them can be fun too. lighten up ... have some fun. don't be such adults about it all. there is so much time in your lives for that.

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These idiots think Disney is for everyone, 30yo women wearing mickey tshirts, now cellphones? You all look dumb. Yes! DUMB. Anyway, good for disney, they have a very good business in Japan. 'disney sea is for couples' ... I don't care! It irritates me to see Mickey smiling. Plain stupid

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