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New Highlighter Pen does not blur characters written with water-based ballpoint pen

By Miki Morimoto

Zebra Co Ltd has released a highlighter pen using newly-developed ink that does not blur characters written with a water-based ballpoint pen.

The new pen, Just Fit Mojini Line, prevents blurring by solidifying ink with ions, the company said.

When a conventional highlighter pen is used to draw a line on characters written with a ballpoint pen, the ink of the ballpoint pen (characters) blurs. Especially, characters written with a water-based ballpoint pen blur greatly. When Zebra conducted a survey on students, about half of them were not satisfied with it.

A comparison between a conventional highlighter pen, left, and the new product Photo: Zebra

This time, focusing on the fact that the ink of a water-based ballpoint pen is negatively charged, Zebra added a positively-charged new component to the ink of a highlighter pen. Because ions bind to one another, the ink of the ballpoint pen is solidified on paper, preventing blurring, Zebra said.

The technology of collecting and solidifying ink is based on a principle used for the purification of water (agglomeration).

The new ink especially works for water-based ballpoint pens. Because water-based pigments have coloring agent dispersed in water, they are negatively charged for stable dispersion. Therefore, by adding a positively-charged new component to a highlighter pen, it binds to coloring agent and is solidified on paper. The price of the new highlighter pen is ¥100 (excluding tax).

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