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Image: PR Times
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New Japanese bath oils make you feel like you’re soaking in soy sauce and rayu chilli oil

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

Shinjuku-based Dreams Co. is in the business of making dreams come true, and their latest product line does just that, by allowing us to experience what it’s like to soak in shoyu (soy sauce) and rayu (chilli oil).

As the company specializes in dreams, not nightmares, these new bath oils don’t contain actual soy sauce or chilli oil, but they get as close to it as possible, starting with the package design. The bottle of chilli oil (left, below) and the bottle of soy sauce (right, below) are easily recognisable at a glance, while the words above them offer a clever play on words.

▼ The “油” (“oil”) character for “yu”, which is usually used with shoyu and rayu, is replaced with “湯“, also pronounced “yu“, although it means hot water or a hot bath.


With “浸かる” (tsukaru, or “to soak“), squeezed in between the Rayu and Shoyu characters, these “soaks” will allow you to feel as if you’re a dish about to be eaten, if the images on the bottles above are anything to go by. It’s not just the packaging that’ll make you do a double-take, though, as the contents will too, because the oil inside matches the colour of their namesake sauces perfectly.


Not a lot of people would want to soak in a bright red or deep brown bath, and with that in mind the oils have been cleverly designed to change color when they touch the water.

▼ They go from dark to milky white, as if by magic.


It’s not all about the visuals, though, as these “soaks” contain ingredients reminiscent of the seasonings they’re modelled on. The Rayu contains hot pepper extract to warm the body, and the Shoyu contains soybean seed extract to give firmness to the skin.

▼ Both are said to be moisturizing on the skin, and the Rayu is jasmine-scented while the Shoyu is cypress-scented.


It’s a fun way to add a splash of Japan to your bath time, so keep an eye out for them at retail chains like Loft and Village Vanguard, and the Dreams online shop, where they’ll be priced at 330 yen each.

Images: PR Times

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So do you end up oily after your bath?

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Ha ha, Oona is such a vivid and creative writer that these products actually seem to be worth buying

Unfortunately, I’ve never had a hankering to smell like food…

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