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New Japanese KitKat is…a Heartful Bear

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

Japanese KitKats are famous around the world for their wide range of weird and wonderful flavors. Now, though, Nestlé is transforming its chocolate-covered wafer treats by moulding them into different shapes, creating a whole new type of KitKat the world has never seen before.


According to the company, these new “character-type” KitKats, developed for seasonal holidays like Christmas and Easter, have been making their way to 40 countries. The Christmas collection (pictured above) went on sale in places like Europe, Australia, Central America, and China in 2019, while the Easter bunny (below) was also available from 2019 in similar regions.


The Halloween KitKats (below) became available in 2021, only in Scandinavia, Holland, Switzerland, Spain and Canada.


Japan has been noticeably absent from the KitKat character craze, but that’s all set to change this month, as Nestlé is releasing a special character limited for sale only in Japan.

▼ Say hello to the Heartful Bear.


This Japan-exclusive KitKat features a cute teddy bear with “KitKat” stamped on its feet and a heart-shaped ballon above its head that’s been stamped with one of three messages: “I ♡ U“, “For U” or “Thx!”


The Heartful Bear, which has been developed for Valentine’s Day, a big chocolate-giving event in Japan, will be sold on its own for 84 yen, only at Family Mart convenience stores, or in a bag of six for 498 yen, exclusively at Plaza and Loft stores.


Boxes of six, also priced at 498 yen, will be sold online at Nestlé, Amazon and Rakuten, and at KitKat Chocolatory stores and other stores like gift shops.


The KitKat Heartful Bear is only being made in limited numbers and for a limited time from Jan 24, which is when we’ll be picking one up for a taste test, so watch this space!

Source, images: Press release

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