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New rotating sushi pens bring fun of a restaurant to your desktop

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By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

We’ve seen a lot of great Japanese stationery in our time, but this latest product just released today is one we’ll definitely be adding to our collection, as it’s a sushi pen that rotates vertically, containing both a full plate of sushi and an empty one, all in the one pen.


As the GIF above shows, the plate of sushi atop the pen changes when the clip is clicked. It cycles through two different variations, a dish that contains sushi, and a dish that’s empty, save for the leftovers or condiments, so you can feel as if you’ve eaten a plate of sushi before moving on to another full one.

▼ There are four different pens to choose from (left to right): Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp and Salmon Roe.


A closer look at each plate shows how much attention to detail went into the design, with every miniature morsel closely resembling the actual plate of sushi it’s based upon.

▼ Shrimp


▼Salmon Roe




▼and Tuna


▼ The empty plates are just as charming as the ones that contain sushi.


The salmon roe dish, for example, flicks past to reveal what it looks like once eaten — nothing but a dollop of soy sauce and a few pieces of roe left behind.


▼ Once the tuna is finished, there’s a small amount of soy sauce and a mound of wasabi left over.


Of course, the product functions as an actual pen, and it serves as a great conversation starter, especially when displayed in your top pocket.


The Sushi Pens are set to be released at a wide range of stores, including airport souvenir shops, highway service areas, variety stores, stationery stores, and online, priced at 1,078 yen.

Source, images: Press release

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1 Comment
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Love it. Great revival and update of an old mechanical amusement.

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