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New service connects elderly Japanese and foreigners wishing to learn Japanese


“Sail”, a new online communication service designed to connect elderly Japanese people and foreigners wishing to learn Japanese, was launched on Oct 31.

Two companies, Helte and Kayac, collaborated to create the smartphone app “Sail”, where the elderlyand foreigners can sign up to be matched with their individual mentor/mentee. The developers hope that this service will benefit both parties involved, as the elderly can impart their wisdom and experience to beginning language learners while they also have the chance to reflect on and spread Japanese culture.


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Only on 'smart' phones? What about those of us who are elderly, don't use the phone much and are constantly seeking information on the 'plain old' Internet?

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If the purpose of this app is for, "....foreigners wishing to learn Japanese". But the website is only in Japanese, so how are foreigners wishing to "learn" Japanese supposed to use it?

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I know a few elederlybthat are fine with smart phones but their way of speaking, logic and advice are not well suited for learners. I went to a community class where my elderly teacher berated me for not knowing all the kanji for the JLPT N2 test. I explained that’s why I was there and he claimed I just needed to remember them and then I would be fine. Not helpful at all!

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I downloaded the app to test it, but I wonder what time zone they are using. it's not indicated at all. I made my first appointment. I'll try to be there on both times, to find out.

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