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New tea blends inspired by worlds of Studio Ghibli released by Lupicia

By Jess, grape Japan

Japan’s upmarket tea proprietors Lupica have already previously collaborated with beloved animators Studio Ghibli, when they brought us beautifully designed tins of original loose tea leaf blends, inspired by their classic movies.

While there’s something romantic and special about loose leaf teas, it’s not the most convenient way to make a cuppa, which is why this time Lupicia have catered towards people who prefer to just throw a tea bag in and let it do its magic.

Curling up warm with a cup of tea and watching a Studio Ghibli film already sounds like the perfect night in, so having tea that smells and tastes like the stories themselves can only elevate the experience.

As with the loose leaf teas, the packaging is especially pretty, with watercolor-style character illustrations. These tins work as decoration for your kitchen just as well as they work as practical tea containers. Brand new tins and blends have been announced, one "My Neighbour Totoro" themed and one "Kiki’s Delivery Service" themed.

Totoro’s original tea is hojicha, a Japanese roasted green tea, blended with apricot and plum. There’s also little yellow and white pieces of roasted mochi, their colors reminiscent of the movie’s Cat Bus.

Sweet like the film’s protagonist, the Kiki inspired tea is cookie flavored. It’s a black tea with caramel and chocolate, making it perfect to drink with milk. Mixed in with the tea leaves are some pretty heather petals.

Each tin contains ten tea bags and costs 1,800 yen without tax. They’re currently being sold in Ghibli merch paradise, Donguri Republic, as well their online shop.

Donguri Republic online store

Donguri Republic store list

Source: PR Times

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