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Nikon Instech - Portable 3D scanner

By Yoriko Takahashi

Nikon Instech, Nikon's affiliate company, announced today its release of a new portable 3D scanner P3D NC-2323S on June 1. The price will be around 3,800,000 yen.

P3D NC-2323S allows you to measure easily without using a PC. With the LCD touch-panel and simple graphical user interface, even a person who uses it for the first time can obtain 3D data of the object just by aiming it towards the object and pressing the shutter button.

The compact body (260×50×180mmm, 1.9g) includes the sensor area, calculation area and management area. The newly developed MEMS scanner projector, using a laser light source, downsizes the body size and saves power.

The P3D NC-2323S has new, dedicated accompanying software called "P3D Viewer" through which you can easily store backups, rebuild the 3D data changing the conditions, edit or check the result, make multiple 3D data together, etc.

Source: AkihabaraNews

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3,800,000 yen? Who has that type of money laying around to buy this?

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The price will be around 3,800,000 yen.

So nonchalant! I had to count the zeros again just to be sure.

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